Since 1981 we have donated over £56 million to national charities.

Charities can apply for grants in the following areas: 

  • Medical Research
  • Support for Vulnerable People
  • Youth Opportunities

The organisations supported by the Grand Charity are chosen because they aim to make a significant difference to people in need, provide maximum impact by benefitting as many people as possible and support issues that individual Freemasons and their families are concerned about and will be glad to help. 

Is your Charity eligible to apply?

Charitable causes not eligible to apply

Grant eligibility Map

The Freemasons' Grand Charity also provides funding to:

  • Hospice services
  • Air Ambulance charities
  • Worldwide disaster relief

Download a full list of Grants made to Charities since 1981

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If you have any questions about our non-Masonic grants programme please contact Katrina Baker, Head of Non-Masonic Grants, on 020 7395 9314 or